1 Pound Create-A-Box


Want a box of just your favorites? Build your own 32 piece assortment from our collection of luscious creams, crunchy nuts and chewy caramels. Make all your dreams come true in either rich dark, creamy milk or a mixture of both.

Please Note: 32 pieces is an approximate number. Our candy is all hand made (no machines) which means it  is not uniform in size and is sold by weight. Because of this you may get a piece or 2, more or less, in your box.

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13 reviews for 1 Pound Create-A-Box

  1. Donna

    This chocolate is best ever

  2. Mary (verified owner)

    The best candy in the world. Absolutely perfect. Fantastic price for this wonderful candy.

  3. Nanette (verified owner)

    I remember when I was a child Dad would always get Rheb’s candies for Mom. Once in a blue moon she let us 5 kids have ONE piece. Now that I’m a great-grandmom, I still love Rheb’s! I’m partial to dark chocolate, so I love to create my own assortment! SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

  4. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    My boyfriend is from the Baltimore area and ever since I tried my first Rheb’s candies over 10 years ago, I’ve been hooked. I order candy at least twice a year and get it personally delivered at least a couple more! My family, who are not from the area, are also hooked. It’s now part of our Christmas tradition to order a couple of boxes. A friend of the family, who has tried chocolate and candy from all over the world, says this is once of his favorite candies in the world!

  5. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Best chocolates ever!

  6. Mike (verified owner)

    Can’t wait till I get them.

  7. Victoria (verified owner)

    Since I was little girl my family’s tradition was to get these chocolates for holidays. I remember falling in love with them and have never fallen out of it! The Jimmy truffles are my favorite. I remember when I have birth to my first child all i wanted directly after was a pound box of rhebs Jimmy truffles! And my family made sure I had it too! I’ve since grown older and moved out of Baltimore up into Pennsylvania however at least once a year I drive down to get my chocolates. I’ve turned my husband onto them as Well! If you have not had rhebs then you are missing out in lifey friend!!! Yummmm is all i can say

  8. Dee (verified owner)

    Best Ever, no one anywhere even comes close !!!!!

  9. perntha


  10. Denise (verified owner)

    Best chocolates anywhere…… I grew up on these chocolates gifted by my great aunt and now I have introduced these chocolates to my grandchildren… My own kids have NEVER HAVE HAD A CHRISTMAS WITHOUT RHEBS AND MY OLDEST IS 40 ….. We are a 5 GENERATION FAMILY CUSTOMER …

  11. Ray

    From the time my wife and I have been together, her Dad would get her candy from Rheb’s. Promised him before he passed that I would pick up the tradition.

  12. Katherine (verified owner)

    In my childhood, when I would visit my grandfather’s meat stall in Lexington Market. My grandmother would always walk me around to the Rheb’s stall. She knew all of the salesladies so they would sit me on the side counter like a princess. I would watch them in awe as they would scurry around packing custom boxes. Of course, I would always welcome any “free samples” that came my way. Later on, I would make my husband buy his own box as he didn’t appreciate fine chocolates and would scarf down 15 at one sitting. I would hide my box in the fridge where he couldn’t find them so I could savor them 2-3 at a time. The Best Ever! !

  13. Fred (verified owner)

    Relocated to Texas but ship Rhebs everywhere

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